ZORB Bumper ball football

As a kind of entertainment bumper ball football is perfectly suitable for events with friends, stag parties and corporative events, as well as for different sport events with inclusion of active sport kinds. Fun and positive emotions guaranteed!

You don’t have to be especially prepared and you don’t have to follow special rules of game to play bumper ball football. You will be able to use bumper balls in the sand of “RUUKKI” Sports Centre all year long, however in summer there will be a field of grass available in addition.


Prices: 1h 2h 3h
Bumper ball football game 3 / 3 (6 balls) 160 Eur 260 Eur 360 Eur
Bumper ball football game 4 / 4 (8 balls) 180 Eur 280 Eur 380 Eur
Bumper ball football game 5 / 5 (10 balls) 200 Eur 300 Eur 400 Eur

*  minimum order 6 pcs/h.

** rent of the playing field IS included in the price

To book the bumper ball football game, please call - 25 400 000

The booking must be made at least 1 day before the game.

Terms of use